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Ardrey Kell High School and Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) will continue an outstanding academic opportunity available for rising juniors (Class of 2023) at Ardrey Kell called the American History Dual Enrollment Cohort


The American History Dual Enrollment Cohort will allow Ardrey Kell students to enroll in two college-level American History courses (American History I and American History II) at CPCC's Levine campus during their junior year.  These credits and grades will be recorded on both the students’ college and high school transcripts and will factor into the students’ cumulative grade-point averages, as well as their class rank.  Each course will fulfill one credit toward the North Carolina Graduation Requirements for the Social Studies content area.  Courses will also be awarded one additional quality point, making them equivalent in weighting to Advanced Placement courses.


In order to participate in the American History Dual Enrollment Cohort, students must apply for admissions to CPCC through the Career & College Promise (CCP) program.  CCP is North Carolina’s dual enrollment program for high school students. This program allows eligible NC high school students to enroll in college classes at North Carolina community colleges through their high school.  This program gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to "jump start" their post-secondary education by earning FREE college credit while still in high school.  

By leveraging CCP, the American History Dual Enrollment Cohort will increase student access to rigorous, college-level coursework.  Course sections have been specifically designed for Ardrey Kell students at CPCC’s Levine Campus to maximize accessibility and student support.  Additionally, the cohort model fosters an environment where shared learning can take place leading to stronger bonds between cohort members.


The 2021-22 Ardrey Kell cohort will consist of approximately 25 juniors who will commit to completing American History I during the fall 2021 semester and American History II during the spring 2022 semester. Classes are scheduled for 16 weeks in duration and will meet from 1:30 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  This schedule will ensure that students are still able to take full advantage of extracurricular programs and athletics at Ardrey Kell.  Students who apply for the cohort must commit to taking both courses during the 2020-21 academic year.  Additionally, students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from CPCC’s Levine Campus (Levine Campus, 2800 Campus Ridge Road, Matthews, NC 28105).

Subsequent sections of this webpage detail eligibility requirements and the application process.


To apply for the American History Dual Enrollment Cohort at Ardrey Kell applicants must:

  • Be a rising junior (Class of 2023) on track for graduation

  • Fall 2020- Hold a minimum of a 2.8 GPA OR meet the benchmark scores in English, Reading, and Math to be eligible for the Transfer Pathways.

  • Be able to provide own transportation to and from CPCC-Levine campus location.


Benchmark Test Scores

*Be aware that AK can use discretion on the program requirements.  

APPLICATION PROCESS (Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)

The Ardrey Kell Career & College Promise program application window will open 2/22/21.  Eligible students may apply through Friday, April 30th.  It is highly recommended that students complete the application process by the Priority Registration deadlines listed below, in order to secure preferred classes, times, and locations. 

Mr. Webb will register you for the American History classes, but students are responsible for registering for other classes they choose to take when registration opens.


Fall 2021 CCP Processing Schedule

AK students must have steps 1-5 completed by May 12th if they want to participate in the Cohort.





1. Attend a Career and College Promise Information Session (All Students)

Before you begin the process of enrolling in the Career and College Promise program, it is crucial that you learn all of the details of the program. The best way to get a comprehensive look at Career and College Promise is attending an info session. It is not required, however suggested. Parents and students are encouraged to attend!


2. Complete Career and College Promise Application (All Students)

A special Career and College Promise application is required for all career and college promise students. Once we have processed your application, you will receive an admissions letter by email from this email address: This letter will include your student ID number. You will need your student ID number when creating your Central Piedmont login. If you do not receive an email with your student ID within three business days of submitting your Career and College Promise application, please check your junk or spam email folder. If it is not there, please email inquiring about the status of your application.

3. Request High School Transcripts  (CFNC)

Participation in Career and College requires a copy of most recent high school transcripts are on file. A CFNC username/password will need to be created:

  • go to

  • hover on Apply

  • click To College

  • click Application Hub> Request a Transcript

  • complete the fields accurately and choose Central Piedmont Community College as the recipient

4. Create Your Central Piedmont Login and Activate Your Email 

You will use the Central Piedmont ID number that was assigned to you to create a Central Piedmont login. You will be assigned a username and must create a password to complete your login. This login is required to access your personal information such as registration, bills, academic records, and student email account. It is also required to log on to the computers at any Central Piedmont campus.

Wait 24 hours after creating your Central Piedmont login and then activate your Central Piedmont email address. Central Piedmont provides an official student email account to every student. Your Central Piedmont login is also your Central Piedmont email. This Central Piedmont email is our official means of communicating with students, the Cashiering Office, instructors, advisors, and for campus alerts. Check your Central Piedmont student email every day.

5. Complete Ardrey Kell Application and Contract (Must have test scores)

Ardrey Kell students must complete the AK Application to determine your eligibility for participation in Career and College Promise. Mr. Webb will notify Central Piedmont of your eligibility after the Ardrey Kell application is complete. AK students must complete the AK Application prior to enrolling in Career and College Promise for any subsequent semesters to confirm that they want to continue on their current pathway or to switch pathways. 

6. Complete Checkpoint

Dual enrollment students are required to complete a mandatory orientation, called Checkpoint. Once complete, please take the Checkpoint quiz so we have record that you have completed this step. You are responsible for this information. You may refer back to the online presentation at any time to review information you might find useful, but you only need to complete this and the accompanying quiz once during your time as a Career & College Promise dual enrollment student. If you have attended an orientation in the past, you still must complete the Career & College Promise Checkpoint, as it contains updated information.

You may "attend" the orientation online by reviewing the slides and then completing the required quiz:


7. Take Central Piedmont Placement Tests (Students not Meeting Requirements)

If you do not have a 2.8 GPA and you do not meet the minimum qualifications on a test you have already taken, you will need the Central Piedmont Placement test. Students can take the test by appointment only on any of our six campuses at no charge. Students are encouraged to review the practice test on the website to study and prepare for the test.

8. Check CPCC Email and Student Portal for Registration Clearance

Please allow five business days for processing during the open enrollment periods. Students should check their Central Piedmont student email for status updates.


9. Complete Tutorial for Online Classes (Now Optional)


10. Register for Classes (All Students)

Once your CDC/guidance counselor has officially submitted your eligibility and pathway, it will be processed by Central Piedmont. Please allow 5 to 7 business days from the date of submission for processing during open enrollment times. Once processed, you will receive an email to your Central Piedmont student email account indicating when you are ready to register for classes, after which you may register for classes online using Student Planning in MyCollege. You may only register for courses from your approved pathway; otherwise, you will be considered out of pathway and will be dropped from the course(s).​​

11. Check and Pay College Fees (All Students)

Even though the program is tuition-free for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, there are still fees to be paid. CMS students will be responsible for student fees during the summer semesters. Student fees must be paid before the first day of the semester to prevent being dropped from the elected courses. Check your balance and pay your bill through your MyCollege account. For questions about the fee structure, please contact the Sponsored Programs office at 704.330.4262.

12. Pick Up Your Parking Permit (All Students)

13. Pick Up Your Student ID (All Students)

Your Central Piedmont student ID serves as your library card and may be used in the community for a variety of discounts. Even if you are only taking online classes, you need a student ID. You will need to bring a photo ID in order to obtain a student ID card.

14. Get Books and Supplies (All Students)

Fall 2021 Process Chart.JPG


AK Course Rules








Course Selection

  • You must select a specific academic pathway under which you will pursue classes.

  • You can only select CPCC classes from the approved list of Career and College Promise Courses that can be found at:

  • There is no guarantee you will get the course(s) you want at the campus you want.  


  • Attendance at every CPCC class is required

  • You must follow CPCC’s academic calendar in addition to the CMS academic calendar

  • CPCC courses generally begin 1-2 weeks in advance of CMS classes.

  • CPCC classes may meet during CMS holidays, fall and spring break, and teacher workdays; students are expected to attend all classes sessions. 

  • Seniors who do not take any classes their second semester at AK must take at least two courses at CPCC to meet minimum requirements by the state and district.


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from CPCC.  

  • Dual enrollment students will not be given special consideration for an Ardrey Kell parking space and may need to carpool with a classmate 

  • Students may not remain on the Ardrey Kell campus during their CCP Block(s)  

​Grades and Credit

  • Career and College Promise courses taken within an approved College Transfer or Career Technical Pathway may be used to satisfy certain high school graduation requirements approved by the State Board of Education, Career and Technical Education requirements and/or elective high school graduation requirements.

  • A student who successfully completes a course through the Career and College Promise Program will receive one unit of high school credit for a course that is three (3) or more semester hours.

  • Grades will be sent by CPCC to the student's high school. The high school registrar will record the grades on the student's high school transcript. CPCC will create a college transcript and record the grades on the student's college transcript.

  • As set forth in State Board of Education Policy, identified college courses taken through the Career and College Promise program receive one additional quality point in the Grade Point Average calculation.  This list includes courses that have been reviewed and approved for transfer by the Transfer Advisory Committee (TAC). To access the course list: CLICK HERE

  • The following conversion scale will be used for all dual enrollment courses:

















  • Tuition is waived for CMS students who participate in the Career & College Promise program

  • Due to budgetary constraints, students may be responsible for the cost of textbooks

  • When available, students may receive a $50.00 Barnes & Noble credit to help cover the cost of textbooks

  • The student will be responsible for any additional costs of enrollment (e.g. student fees, insurance, etc.)​​​​​

akhs course amount rules.JPG
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