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​​Since 1986, the MYEP has worked to prepare Charlotte’s youth for future employment. The program focuses on leveraging relationships with businesses and the community to provide meaningful, career-oriented internships for participants.

MYEP participants explore careers, hone skills, and gain exposure to models of professionalism, creating pathways to attainable career goals. As youth achieve, our community is strengthened.


MYEP provides career and professional development experiences to eligible and accepted youth through part-time internship or job placements. Host employers participate with the MYEP by offering positions that align with either an internship or job experience for MYEP-accepted youth.


Internship: A career development experience where a student participates in the daily operations of a work environment related to a student’s career interest. It integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with an emphasis on meaningful on-the-job training.


Job: A work experience that consists of defined duties, responsibilities, and tasks. While it does provide a student an opportunity to acquire transferable skills, a job is primarily to fill an employer’s need for the completion of a set series of tasks.


When: Summer 2023 MYEP Program dates are from June 19, 2023 – Friday, August 4, 2023

Note: The MYEP cannot guarantee acceptance into the program or placement in a role that aligns with an applicant’s desired career choice.  The MYEP strives to make mutually beneficial matches of applicants to Host Employers, considering the entire applicant pool and balancing multiple factors (such as a Host Employer’s needs, the applicant’s expressed career choice, the applicant’s skills, strength of application, location, access to transportation, etc.).  Absent extenuating circumstances, a decision to opt-out of an internship or job placement is considered a withdrawal from the MYEP for the current cycle.  The MYEP encourages all applicants to continue to seek out internship or job opportunities that are best for them.  Youth may request to be placed on the Youth Programs Lists for information about upcoming Job Fairs hosted throughout the year. 


MYEP Applicants Must/Should: 

o Be in high school at the time of their MYEP application  

o 2.8 Unweighted GPA

  • Math I and ELA test scores of 3, 4 or 5; 8th grade EOG scores can be used for 2022-23.

o Be at least 16 years old on or before April 15th, 2023

o If the 16th birthday is after April 15th, 2023 then a student may apply next year​

o Complete the Job & Career Readiness Training prior to submitting a MYEP application

o Provide their Social Security number (to be used for a criminal background check and employment eligibility)

o Be eligible for employment in the U.S.  

o Agree to have the MYEP request a criminal background check (must sign consent form)

o If the applicant is under 18 years old, the parent/guardian will also have to sign consent

o Agree to allow the MYEP to photograph and/or video/record (must sign consent form)

o If the applicant is under 18 years old, the parent/guardian will also have to sign consent

o Prior to the start of an internship or job, applicants will be given instructions to complete a background check     and drug screen within a set time frame and must test negative for controlled substances/drugs

o At the time of the drug screen, the applicant will need to present current photo identification (such as a school     photo ID, NC ID, or driver’s license)  

 MYEP Acceptance/Placement Requirements: 

o Commit to working an average of 25 hours per week for a 6-week work-based experience (for a total of 150 hours) between June 19th-August 4th 2023

o An average of 25 hours per week must be completed for the 6-week program dates to fulfill a total of 150             hours of work  

o It is expected that the MYEP will be a priority during the 6-week commitment to a Host Employer to allow             for completion of the required hours  

o The assigned Host Employer will determine the work schedule directly with the participant based on the               employer’s need and business hours

o A Host Employer or the MYEP may terminate a participant if they are not fulfilling their commitment to                 prioritize their placement and to work the expected hours/schedule  

o If an applicant has a conflict that cannot be missed (such as college orientation) within the program dates,           they will need to notify the MYEP team prior to placement (and also coordinate with their Host Employer after       being notified of their placement)  

o Agree to be paid at a rate of $10/hour for a minimum of 150 hours of work

o Practice professional etiquette in all communication with the MYEP team and Host Employers, including               phone and email communication

o Be responsive to MYEP and Host Employer outreach, including phone calls, voicemails, and emails

o Contact the MYEP team immediately if any contact information needs to be updated (including mailing                   address, phone number, email)

o Understand that if the MYEP team or Host Employers cannot easily reach an applicant, that applicant will miss     placement opportunities or other important information that could impact MYEP eligibility  

o Follow all expectations, policies, dress code, and duties of the Host Employer and understand that if not in             compliance, the participant could be terminated from employment and the MYEP  

o Practice professional conduct at all times at the workplace and understand that if not in compliance, the               participant could be terminated from employment and the MYEP  

o Note: a decision to opt-out of an internship or job placement is considered a withdrawal from the MYEP for the     current cycle 


MYEP participants are motivated high school students who are recommended to the program by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) Career Development Coordinators (CDCs). 80-100 students will be accepted to this program. Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered for the program: 

APPLICATION PROCESS Job and Career Readiness Training 

Mayor's Youth Employment Program Video  

Watch Before Completing Process


Steps 1-5 are due by 9/28/22- The deadlines are final/No extensions!

Step 1: Complete Career and College Promise Application by 9/28/22- It will take a day or two to receive your CPCC ID#. CPCC will send it to the email you use in your application. 

Students can skip this step if they have a CPCC ID#. 


Step 2: Request Transcript through by 9/28/22

  • go to

  • hover on Apply

  • click To College

  • click Application Hub> Request a Transcript

  • complete the fields accurately and choose Central Piedmont Community College as the recipient

Step 3: Create Your CPCC Student Log In

  •  Go to Activator

  • CPCC login is also first part of your CPCC email

  • Go to to add secondary email

  • Help Desk- (704) 330-5000 

Step 4: Complete City of Charlotte Registration Form by 9/28/22


Step 5: Complete AK Application by 9/28/22. This takes less than three minutes.

Step 6: ACA 120 Career Assessment Course (10/24/22-12/6/22) 

  • 6-Week Online Course

  • Manageable Content and Meaningful Assignments

  • Weekly Help Sessions

  • Pass/Fail-The course will not figure into HS GPA

Step 7: Job and Career Training Live Session (11/7/22)

  • Virtual Session Via Zoom

  • In-School and Community (Weekend dates) offered

  • Required for Course Completion

APPLICATION PROCESS Mayors Youth Employment Program (Must Complete JCRT Process To Be Eligible) 2023 Dates and Information Coming Soon!

MYEP Application will open 12/12/22!

  • Application process will include

     o Completed application
     o Sparkhire Interview
     o Background Check
     o Drug Screen


ALL steps will need to be completed by the deadline in order for you to be considered.



     o Use an email address that you check regularly
     o Only provide 1 email address (be consistent)
     o Check your email address for typos (, @gmail.con)

  • Provide accurate contact information

     o Cell Number
     o Home Number
     o Parent/Guardian Phone numbers
     o Be sure that voicemail is set up and not full

  • Be sure date of birth is correct (The default is the year that we are in. Select the correct year, month, and day)

  • Enter correct parent/guardian information for two people that can be contacted in case we cannot reach you

  • Enter soft and technical skills

     ○ This information may be used to match you with an employer

  • Short Answer Responses

     ○ Be sure to answer questions thoroughly
     ○ Use at least 150 words
     ○ Be sure to answer the question that is being asked

  • Vacation/Time Away

     o Please let us know of your summer plans
     o This will not excuse you from program requirements
     o You will need to prioritize the MYEP
     o You will need to seek approval for any time away
     o You will only be allowed to miss for special circumstances (for example Medical Situations,

        Emergencies or other situations that are deemed a special circumstance)

  • Plan your application time

     o Do not wait until the last minute
     o Prepare yourself and your documents
     o Do not rush. This will assist with avoiding errors
     o Give appropriate time to all responses.

INTERVIEW (Spark Hire):
     ○ Use the same email address used for application
     ○ Check your technology in advance
     ○ Practice interviewing with a friend
     ○ Dress appropriately, as if you were doing an in person interview
     ○ Be sure that there are no distractions
     ○ Be sure that lighting is appropriate
     ○ Give thorough responses


Background and Drug Screen Window:

  • Secure a Photo ID NOW!

     o Driver license, Driving Permits, State Issued ID cards, ACTIVE Passports, School issued ID
       cards with picture
     o Failure to have these items when you go to test will result in you being denied

  • Schedule your appointment early once instructions are sent

     o Failure to schedule will lead to you not being allowed to test on the day that you show up

  • Enter your Social Security Number (This is the only number that is accepted. If you do not have an official social security number, then you will not be allowed to participate in the  MYEP. ITIN and other numbers will not be accepted)

  • Use an email address that you check frequently to register for testing

  • Use your LEGAL NAME on all forms. This will assist with verifying your identity

  • Be sure that you are available on that date that you select for screening

  • Window to complete Background Check and Drug Screen


Offers and Placements (Dates Coming Soon)

  • Offers will include Virtual and In Person opportunities

  • Offers will be sent

  • Deadline to accept offer

  • Final roster will be shared

  • Program Kickoff June, 2023

  • Program Ends July, 2023

MYEP Application Help Sessions

  • Opportunity for students to have questions answered

  • We will walk though application to assist with completion

  • There will be two 1 hour sessions

     ○ Virtual via Zoom

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