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North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) is the second-largest virtual school in the United States. NCVPS affords Ardrey Kell High School students the opportunity to enroll in online courses (for free) to ensure that students have access to an unprecedented set of curricular options.  Every year, more than 25,000 North Carolinians enroll in NCVPS courses.  More than 150 students at Ardrey Kell take advantage of this opportunity annually.  


Please speak with your school counselor or E-Learning Advisor, Mr. Webb, about how NCVPS courses can help you meet your educational goals. 



Summer, Fall And Yearlong 2024-25 Now Open



Important Note:  Registration for NCVPS courses is a process with specific and necessary steps.  Failure to complete any of the steps below will result in exclusion from NCVPS programs.  You will be held accountable for all necessary steps.  Read the following information carefully.  

Students may only enroll in up to two classes per year, and you are allowed to take a total of 10 classes between AK, CPCC, and NCVPS. Students can take up to two classes during the summer term.

See key dates below for important deadlines:










Step 1: Review the Policies & Regulations, E-Learning User Agreement, and Additional Information Section of this webpage. Reviewing this information is very important in helping to determine whether NCVPS is a good option for you.  Online learning requires a great deal of self-motivation and determination.  Think carefully about how you will manage your NCVPS course and other extracurricular and academic responsibilities.

Step 2: Review the NCVPS courses available to AK students. NCVPS offers more than 100 courses online; however, AK students are limited to taking only classes not offered at AK.  Additionally, NCVPS courses must be taken in addition to a full course schedule and are completed outside of the normal school day.


Step 3: Complete the AK NCVPS Online Application/User Agreement. Click the link to the left to access the online application for the term you would like. You must complete both applications if you plan to take courses in the Fall and Spring. Students must be logged in to their CMS issued Google account to access the application. Students may only enroll in a maximum of two NCVPS courses during any given term.


Step 4: Await confirmation of enrollment.  You will receive confirmation of your enrollment no later than the Friday prior to the start date of class.  Enrollment verification will be delivered through e-mail.  The enrollment confirmation e-mail will contain detailed instructions that students must follow to successfully begin class.

2024-25 NCVPS.JPG


NCVPS Course Expectations

  • Rising 9th graders cannot take NCVPS classes until 2nd semester (Spring 2025)

  • Students are responsible for keeping up with the NC Virtual Calendar and due dates.  Some dates, like drop dates, are set by AK and NCVPS so follow directions for when the last day a course can be dropped.  

  • Students are expected to work on their class every day during the school week (Monday-Friday).  There may be one or two days per week when students must login at a specific time to meet with the virtual teacher and class.  For the most part, students will work at their own pace and the  teacher will track how often the student accesses the course and completes work.

  • Average estimated workloads are as follow:

    • Fall and spring block courses: Up to 90 minutes of work each day, Monday through Friday.

    • Yearlong courses: 50-60 minutes of work each day (depending on the course), Monday through Friday.

  • Support will not be provided by Ardrey Kell teachers.  All questions about NCVPS classes should be directed to the NCVPS course course instructor.

  • Students are responsible for all additional course costs, materials, computer equipment, headsets, etc., required for class.  

  • It is recommended that students maintain a 3-ring binder for their respective course with copies of work that you e-mailed your teacher. This helps to protect against any discrepancies in grading.


  • Students are required to keep up with their grades.  Grades can be accessed through Canvas.  Students should share login information with parents, so they can access grades.  

  • Grades cannot be accessed through PowerSchool and are only accessible through NCVPS  Canvas.

  • Final course grades will count in your GPA.  


  • NCVPS coursework will impact the cumulative GPA or class rank of any Ardrey Kell student.  Completed courses will be reflected on the transcript for a grade.


By enrolling in an NCVPS course, I agree to the following terms of use:


  1. I understand that the workload for NCVPS classes will range up to and beyond 90 minutes per day (Monday-Friday) and agree to meet the course requirements by completing all modules, assignments, and assessments for my course(s) by set deadlines and due dates.

  2. I will be dropped from the course if I fail to login within the first three days of class.

  3. I will e-mail or call the assigned teacher anytime I have questions or need assistance.

  4. I have read, understand, and will abide by all rules and policies set forth for participation in E-Learning.  The CMS Code of Conduct Rules for internet usage will apply to NCVPS courses.

  5. I will take all required EOC/CTE VoCats examinations in person at a location designated by CMS.  I understand that EOC/CTE VoCats examinations count as 25 percent of my final grade. Failure to take required tests may result in an ‘F’ in the course(s).

  6. I will complete all work prior to the final date set by NCVPS or CMS or I will earn an ‘F’ for the course.

  7. I understand that I am responsible for all necessary computer equipment, software and course supplies for my E-learning course course(s).

  8. I understand that I will be responsible for additional expenses for equipment or software for my E-Learning course(s).

  9. I understand that all grades in online courses will be recorded on my CMS transcript and count in my GPA.

  10. I will do all work on my own.  Allowing another person to perform work for the course(s) in which I am registered is cheating and a violation of the CMS Student Code of Conduct.  Such actions will result in an ‘F’ for the course, as well as disciplinary actions.

  11. I will receive a grade of an ‘F’ for any course I do not complete or that I drop after the drop/add period has been closed.

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