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Throughout the academic year colleges and universities schedule visits to Ardrey Kell's campus to meet with interested students and share information about academic programs and the college admissions process.  These meetings will take place during the school day in 30 minute group sessions.  The visits are exclusively for Juniors and Seniors.  Students are limited to five visits per academic year, so be sure you are selective with your visits. To register for a visit you must sign up in your Naviance Account. 



Once you login to your Naviance* account you will use the following steps to register for a visit:

1. Click on the 'Colleges' tab.

2. Look at right hand column of the 'My Colleges' section, where the upcoming scheduled college visits appear.

3. Click on 'view all upcoming college visits'. The college visiting, date, time, location, representative's name and any additional information will be listed in this section.

4. To register for the event, click on 'sign up' and then click on 'sign me up' at the bottom of the information.**

5. After you register you will need to print your "Confirmation" page. This is your pass from class to the session.
6. Arrive on time for your scheduled college visit.***

*If you do not know your Naviance login or have questions about your account please contact your counselor. **Seats are limited and on a "first come, first served" basis. If the session is full, you may request an information packet from Mr. Knoblich. 

 ***If you are unable to attend a visit for which you registered, you can follow the above steps to cancel' your visit. Not showing, without cancelling, for a visit will still count as one of your five visits for the year.


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