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EXPLORING (Overview)

The Exploring program provides a unique learning opportunity for students to learn about multiple career fields and network with professionals who are employed in those fields. Students receive experiential, hands-on placements to help determine whether or not a particular career pathway is the best fit.  In the program, students develop valuable contacts with professionals, as well as with other youth holding similar interests and aspirations.

Exploring is a great way for students between the ages of 10-20 to better understand career possibilities while enjoying an exciting and informal environment.  Find more information about the Exploring program by clicking the Exploring logo.


Ready to get started? Check out some of the available posts and register through the buttons below.  To sign-up for a specific post you should contact Brian Sweeney at or call 980-342-9347.


Note: Even if the date for the fist session has passed, you may still be able to join the Explorer Post. The fee for students to participate is $24.

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